Farm Sector Economics: Projects and Clients

Farm Sector Economics has a client and subscriber base of over 150 leaders in farming, agricultural finance, agribusiness, economics and policy. The range of our analysis includes projects of interest from Main Street to Wall Street. The breadth of our coverage is shown by the following projects:

A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Refinancing Agricultural Debt with Tax-Exempt Government-Guaranteed Bonds, for the Dekalb County Farm Bureau. We estimated the macroeconomic, financial market, and agricultural sector impacts of refinancing vs. a debt default scenario. Joint study with Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates, Philadelphia, PA.

A Reorganization Plan for a 25,000-acre cotton farm facing bankruptcy. This required an assessment of the economic and financial outlook for cotton producers in the U.S. We also developed alternative farm plans for the operation under reorganization. Sub-contracted from Schnittker Associates, Washington, D.C.

FmHA Guaranteed Lending Manual for the American Bankers Association. We interpreted regulations, anticipated and answered banker's questions, and showed how to work with regional bureaucracies.

Meat Demand: Industry Trends and Future Prospects to 1995, for the American Meat Institute. We considered demographic as well as economic factors. We presented the results of the study at the AMI Annual Meeting in September, 1986 in Orlando, Florida.

A Secondary Market For Farm Mortgage Loans, for the American Council of Life Insurance. We developed a comprehensive analysis of economic and financial conditions in U.S. agriculture for this study. We analyzed the economic effects of creating a secondary market for farm mortgage loans, using proposed legislation. Our study was used to successfully pass the client's legislative proposal.

A Regional Analysis of the Financial Adjustments Occurring in The Agricultural Sector: Implications for American Agribusiness, a multi-client study produced jointly with Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates. The study analyzes the major economic trends and forces in each region and identifies the underlying factors that will affect the economic and financial environment for agriculture over a 5-year planning horizon. Clients include:

  • - The Prudential Insurance Company of America
  • - The Farm Credit Corporation of America
  • - Rabobank Nederland
  • - Mobay Chemical Corporation
  • - The Farm Credit Administration
  • - Purina Mills, Inc.
  • - Basic American Foods, Inc.
  • - Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
  • - DMI Incorporated

We briefed clients on the results of the study in Washington, D.C. In addition, we briefed the Prudential Agricultural Group in New York. We used this multi-client study to develop a full-scale econometric subscription service of regional agricultural finance. This forms the core for our Agricultural Linkage Model (Ag Link) retainer service, with quarterly updates, briefings, and customized analyses with linkages to agribusiness sectors.

Alternative Configurations of Farm Credit System Districts, for the Farm Credit Administration. The project examines variability as well as levels of major financial and economic indicators.

A Financial Analysis of John Hancock's Agricultural Investment Portfolio, for the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company. The project forecasts net income and value of John Hancock's agricultural properties.

The Farm Economy and the 1988 Drought, jointly with Schnittker Associates, as a multi-client briefing. Clients include:

  • - Pillsbury Inc.
  • - DeKalb Pfizer Genetics
  • - Pioneer Hi-Bred
  • - Food Marketing Institute
  • - International Minerals and Chemicals Corp.
  • - American Bakers Association
  • - Farm Credit Administration
  • - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
  • - Drexel Burnham Lambert

The Farm Drought: Implications for Agriculture, Trade, and Agribusiness, jointly with Schnittker Associates, for the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy at Resources for the Future.

The Future of the Farm Machinery and Equipment Industry: An Analysis of Major Factors Affecting Demand and the Outlook for Sales. Clients include:

  • - The Cummins Engine Company
  • - JETRO, Inc.
  • - DMI, Inc.
  • - Prairie Implement Manufacturers Association

Agricultural Chemical Use, Farm Production, and the Environment: A Legislative and Economic Analysis Including Costs and Benefits, a multi-client project jointly with Schnittker Associates. Clients include:

  • - International Mineral Company
  • - Esso Canada Agricultural Chemicals
  • - The Food Marketing Institute.

The Outlook For The U.S. Economy and Major Farm Commodities, for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture. Linkages from FCS District Farm Economic Environment to Indicators of FCS District Bank Performance, for the Farm Credit Administration.

Projects for the Farm Credit System Assistance Board (FCSAB):

  • - The Outlook for the Spokane Farm Credit District
  • _ Merging the St. Louis and St. Paul Farm Credit Districts
  • _ The Outlook for the Omaha Farm Credit District, With Linkages to the FCB Loan Portfolio

The Outlook for the Wichita Farm Credit District, for the Farm Credit Bank of Wichita.

Farm Credit Bank of Omaha and Spokane: Merger Economic Analysis, for the Farm Credit Bank of Omaha

Economists' Report on the Ford/Fiat UNCITRAL Arbitration, expert witness report to Simpson Thacher and Bartlett

The Outlook for the U.S. Farm Economy: Linkages to the Farm Equipment Industry, for DMI, Inc.

Archer Daniels Midland and the High Fructose Corn Syrup Industry, expert witness report to Larkin, Hoffman, Daly and Lindgren, Ltd.

Ag Link Service, ongoing retainer clients include:

  • - Bank of America
  • - Farm Credit Bank of Wichita
  • - The Bush Hog Corporation
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